Sunglasses - Growth

Sunglasses - Growth

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The LuLaRoe sunglasses collection is entirely handmade which requires over 80 individual steps in the manufacturing process.


We created over 20 combinations of custom-made plastic colors that are unique to LuLaRoe. These combinations are applied to a flat piece of cotton-based Zyl. Zyl is a raw material which is the standard for high fashion eye wear and originates from natural cotton and wood pulp. It's ability to maintain color brightness derives from its long-lasting material which during manufacturing, is embedded rather than sprayed, preventing any color peeling. The unique aging stabilizers prevent yellowing, fading, or discoloring from UV light or skin contact. 


Eye wear is polished by a procedure which involves the frames tumbling in a barrel of wood chips and small stones. The frames turn "like butter" for about 12 hours. 


Lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and are made of a material called CR-39. CR-39 lenses are an exclusive combination of treatments offering the finest eye protection and visual comfort. They are 99% distortion free, have a scratch resistance to most chemicals, gamma radiation, aging, and material fatigue. 





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